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HSBC (HK)-ACC No.121-504922-833
After Payment Please inform us on our email: kiransprovision@biznetvigator.com
Delivery time same day or next day after order 
Attention Please.
We are continuing our expansion and We are urgently looking for suitable and experienced candidates to full the 2 posts:-
Post 1: Shop Attendant 
He/She must have experience of over 3 years as a shop attendant at an Indian/Pakistani grocery store, 
Must be at least high school and must speak fluent Punjabi,Hindi and English languages.
Must have good Communication skills and presentation skills.
Post 2: Purchase -cum marketing Manager
He/She must have experience in marketing and purchase field for at least over 3 years in Indian food (grocery) items.
Must be well versed overseas market especially,Indian market.and good skills,
knowledge about latest market trends and grocery items, 
Must have at least bachelors degree and must speak fluent English,Hindi and Punjabi languages.
Must work independent and able to make decisions on purchase and work under pressure.
Have good relationship with some supplier from India is preferred.
We offer attractive salary plus other benefits as per Labor law of Hong Kong.
Interested parties please e-mail your resume at kiransprovision@biznetvigator.com urgently.
Published:- 1st March 2019

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